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One-question Tarot readings by email, now only ten dollars!
This even comes with your choice of deck:
  • Rider-Waite (Old Faithful)
  • Vertigo (Dark & Shiny)
  • New Orleans Voodoo (Mmmm, Spicy)
  • Vertical Oracle (Just Plain Weird)
If I have not had the pleasure of reading for you before, here is how it works.

I take Paypal for the fee; my email address is You may either ask your question in the Paypal note section or you can email me separately. Then I will lay out your reading and type you a detailed report, which I email to you.
If you are a friend of mine and I have your phone number, this can be arranged over the phone, no problem. No instant messenger, though. I'm trying to cut down. ;D

Pendulum readings are Coming Soon. These are a mite difficult to do, as one really needs to put a limit on questions asked, but there are so many variables. This would have to be done over the phone, and I am thinking of a time limit rather than a question limit. If you think that all you really have are a lot of questions that need yes or no answers, you can always email me and I will do my best to accommodate you.

Hope to hear from you soon!

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Do you want me to advertise this for you, or are you keeping it close to the f-list?

is it weird to do it when the person isn't there? i imagine it would be.

i got one of these last year, and it was amazing. i mean i'm a pretty sciencey sort of person and sceptical is like default setting for me - i got the reading cause it seemed fun to do and i wanted to help a sista out, so i asked about the year in general and god damn if everything in it wasn't on the nose. A+++ would be scryed again

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